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Nail Services

Manicure                      $15

Treat your fingertips to a trim, shape and shiny polish. Weekly manicures can stimulate nail growth. Soften dry skin with this hot soak and cuticle emphasis.

Pedicure                       $25

Reward your feet with a soak and exfoliant, plus a shaping and pretty polish. A pedicure is a perfect way to revive and condition your feet. 

Mani/Pedi Combo       $35

The best of both worlds! Combine the above treatments for your fingers and toes to experience style and savings.

Shellac Manicure          $30

A great option for busy people, shellac manicures offer chip-free polish with zero dry time, and it lasts up to two weeks. 

Shellac Pedicure            $50

Keep all your nails flawless! Enjoy the same brilliant technology as the shellac manicure but for your toes. 

Polish                           $7

Choose from dozens of colors to brighten your fingertips with a perfect coat of nail polish.

Nails Removal              $10

Gentle removal of artificial nails

Cut Down                     $3

A quick, easy option to keep your nails the best length and shape.

French Polish                 $5

Top off your flawless nails with the iconic white tip

Just For Kids!

Mani/Pedi                 $30

The same indulgent nail treatments as an adult manicure and pedicure, but for the pint sized! 




Full Set Options

Full Set                      $28

Enjoy a brand new, full set of durable acrylic nails shaped, cut, and expertly polished to fit your style.  

UV Gel                      $40

An alternative to the traditional acrylic full set, these UV Gel nail extensions utilize ultraviolet light to cure, and the glossy finished nails help you look poised and natural. 

Pink & White               $45

The pink and white full set is the epitome of nail services. This style brings the beauty of white tips that blend into a pink nail. The pink and white full set is a popular, iconic nail option.

White Tip                   $33

The white tip offers the same class as its pink and white counterpart, but this full set covers the natural nail with clear acrylic instead of a material with a pink tone. 

Full Set  Refill            $18

Return to your smooth acrylic nail with a filler of acrylic and a new coat of nail polish. 

UV Refill                  $25

Enjoy a touch-up to your UV full set.

Pink & White Refill     $35

Restore your classic pink and white look with a durable acrylic refill. 

* Prices may be higher based on  

based on extensive design desired. 

Prom Season Special!

Full Set                           $30

Look your best for your formal dance! Enjoy a full set of acrylic nails - white or any colored tip!   

Pedicure                             $20

Prepare to put on your dancing shoes. Sparkle on the dance floor with shiny polished toenails!

Full Set/Pedicure            $50

The right date, dress and accessories call for the right fingernails and toes! Get both a full set with any color tip and a pedicure for one great price and complete your look this spring. 

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"Prom Season Special" to receive these discounts!